Closet Organizer Space-Saver,T-Shirt Organizer For Drawer,Wardrobe Storage Folding Board,Anti-Wrinkle| Regular Size

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:: Clothes Folding 10 Layers Clothes Organizer Closet Organizer Drawer Organizer Organization T Shirts Garment Folder File Cabinet ::

It can stack your clothes in neat, easily visible and easily accessible heaps.

Want that classic t-shirt from the bottom of the stack? go ahead and pack it. Do not even ruffle the rest of the stack.

Each interlock divider fits in cleverly in the next one for easy negotiation and rearranging. pile up. it's your ultimate personal organizer. So versatile, it works in your dresser drawers, closet or shelves. it is a folding template too.

Every durable plastic organizer lets you fold, stack and organize your whole family laundry in neatly stacked, stacked high as you need.As a combination of expanding file folder and letter tray organizer, it makes a compact desk organizer take just as much space as the papers you've placed on each neat, locking shelf.

You make a great document organizer, file organizer, coupon organizer, bill organizer and more. Distribute and stack back up anytime!

:: Features ::

Lets you stack your clothes neatly and accessibly. Fits neatly into your suitcase to keep your clothes from bunching and wrinkling.

Make life easy for your kids or you by combining matching outfits to grab and go on rushed school mornings.

Infinite office shelves,compact desktop organizer. Made of plastic material, very durable for use.

Folding design, easy to carry.

:: Specifications ::

Material: Plastic

Color: Transparent

Size: 34.5 x 29.5 x 6.5 cm

::Package Include ::

1 x 10 Layers Clothes Organizer


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