Double cereal dispenser

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Much like a bulletproof jacket against firepower, breakfast-lovers can protect cereal from impending staleness with a double cereal dispenser. Providing the optimal cereal serving size and the ability to lock in freshness, the dispenser is the ideal tool for grain guzzlers. Easy to operate, top-up and clean, the contraption fits on most countertops if the cat isn’t in the way.

Convenient Countertop Cereal Dispensers for Daily use. No more messy cereal boxes cluttering up your kitchen. Keeps food fresher for longer and prevents spills.

Suitable for any variety of dry food. Cereal. Granola. Rice. Beans. Candy. Nuts.

CLEAN Sanitary. Very easy to clean. Avoid waste and spills.

EASY Portion Control. Saves time and hassle. Rotates both left and right for 360 tap rotation.

Brand New design indispensable cereal dispenser.

Made with High Quality material
Each Dry-food dispenser holds up to 17-1/2 (approx. .5 Kilograms) ounces of dry food
Keeps food sanitary and germ-free; preserves freshness for up to 45 days.
Available in black and white colours.
Double Dimensions: Measures 17"H x 13"W x 8"D 

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