Inflatable Neck Pillow Support - Soft Travel Pillow U-Shaped with Compact Drawstring Bag

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  •   Inflate it easily - No mouth blowing is required with our innovative push-button design. Just need press repeatedly on the lower profile of the pillow till you reach your expected inflation!
  • Easy to Carry - The whole travel pillow can be deflated quickly with pulling out the air valve and folded down compactly into palm size. And then stored in a drawstring bag that makes it portable and easy to carry and take with you wherever you go. Make Travel Comfortable and convenient.
  • Ergonomic Design: U shaped contoured neck support design give neck very solid support. This design is more ergonomic and gives superior support, helps prevent tension and strain in the neck and shoulders
  • Soft milk silk fabric- Comfy neck pillow coat made of light milk silk cloth to ensure upmost gentle & soft head rest & neck protection. Very soft, fast dry, ventilate.
  • A versatile mull-purpose product- Great travel companion especially designed for your neck while traveling in bus, train, airplane or taxi to give you comfortable sleep during the travel! Moreover, it is good friend for watching movies at home or sleeping in office.

Sleeping on the plane can leave one with a stiff or sore neck. That's why we believe it is important to choose our inflatable neck pillow available. Now you can rest/sleep through your flight without pain. Adjustable closure button - provides even support and keeps your head from drooping and holds pillow in place around your neck. - Inflate - quickly inflates by push the hand button. You don't have to fill the air in itby mouth that Keep you away from bacteria. It allows you to adjust and customize the inflation level to your exact preference without removing it from your neck. Deflates - easily deflates by pulling out the air valve and release air with the touch of a button to customize your comfort. The firmness is adjustable. Portable and lightweight. Total weight is less than 90g. It comes with a carrying pouch that folding the pillow from one side for convenient transporting and storage. It intelligently hugs and adjusts to your neck height and sleep position for maximum comfort in sleep. Ergonomic Design: the pillow is newly released and improved version, molds perfectly to your neck and head. All of this is possible without ever putting a dirty valve in your mouth! Spa-like relaxation, anywhere and anytime! Your neck will thank you after a long day of traveling, and when you're ready to pack it up. U Shape Inflatable airplane pillow portable travel rest neck air cushion sleep head support comfy pillow.

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