USB Rechargeable Bike Safety Flashing Tail Light (Helmet and Backpack )

  • £5.99
Tax included.

  • SUPER BRIGHT and LIGHT WIDE: The rear bike light produces super bright light which is from all angles to enhance maximum visibility on the road. Get the bike light for headlight, backpacks or helmet to keep cyclists
  • FAST and EASY TO INSTALL - Mount this bike tail light anywhere you want in seconds, such as the seat post, backpack or anywhere on the frame. Mount this light on the back of your helmet and you have yourself a bike helmet light
  • TO KEEP YOU SAFE: The high brightness COB LED produces 120 Lumens, red and blue light which is for 240-degree visibility. Equip your bike with this light to enhance maximum visibility on the road
  • DESIGN: Bicycle tail light with 2 LED colors (Red and White) and 6 modes Charges from your computer or any device with a USB port


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