Blue Pigeon Broom and Dustpan Set- 50" Long Handle Broom and Dust Pan with Long Handle, Standing Upright Grips Sweep Set with Lobby Broom Combo Set for Home and Office-(Color-Black)

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Colour Name:Black

Long Handle Broom and Dustpan Set

The broom bristles are very soft made from high-quality plastic. The Dust Pan is designed with splendid teeth to clean out the dirt from the broom bristles without using your hands.

The dustpan is very lightweight with a non-slip grip which is easy to empty, and the broom snaps into the closed dustpan for compact storage. The bottom of the dustpan is enough broad which completely fit on the ground.

The considerable height of the broom and dustpan allows you to stands upright for convenient sweeping. Dustpan locks in open position which helps to properly dispose of the dust easily in the garbage without spilling.

There is a rubber lip on the dust pan which perfectly fits on the ground to capture tiny dust and little paper into the pan.


Superior quality: The upright dustpan is made of high-quality plastic for excellent durability and can be used on hard or soft surfaces. It's an ideal tool for sweeping the house, kitchen, office, outdoors and indoors.

Operational efficiency: The dustpan has a rubber lip that completely adjusts to the ground allows you out of trouble by tiny dust and little paper.

Efficiently storing: The dustpan for upright storage and can be disassembled to occupy minimum spaces when moving.

Stand up for you: The upright dustpan includes a broom and has clip attached panhandle for the broom. you can place them together for easy stand-up storage.

Product Features:

1.Front Facing teeth to clean broom into dustpan With One Move,Easy to remove Pet hair and Human Hair.

2.Increase Dustpan lid design, more beautiful, reduce dust and odor emission.

3.Broom clips to the dust pan handle. You can hang it or stand it up for easy storage.Save Space.

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