Blue Pigeon Broom and Dustpan Set | Long 54" Handle Upright Dustpan with Clean Broom Combo| Best for Home, Kitchen, Lobby and Office | Easy to Store Away and Hang

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Colour Name:Blue


Broom and Dustpan Set- Rotatable Self Cleaning Broom and Dust Pan with Long Handle, Standing Upright Grips Sweep Set with Lobby Broom Combo Set.


Material:Top grade PP plastic Pad

Size:15 x 5 inches Total Height: 54 inches

Color: BLUE

Package include:

  • 1 x Self Cleaning Broom
  • 1 x Dustpan Teeth dustpan
  • 1x Instructions

Sweep Large Areas The versatile Set has a full-size broom and extra-large dustpan, perfect for any sweeping task. When it's fully extended, the broom and dustpan are great for sweeping large areas, and then the broom retracts with a quick twist to easily sweep dirt piles into the dustpan. The broom has flagged bristles resulting in a larger surface area and a soft, feathered texture that effectively grabs dust and dirt. The dustpan features teeth to comb out dirt and a flexible lip that conforms to surfaces so dust is not swept underneath it. Compact Storage The dustpan locks open for easy emptying. The lightweight, aluminum pole with non-slip grips is easy to maneuver, and the broom snaps into the closed dustpan for upright, compact Storage.

  • 1-THE PERFECT BROOM AND DUSTPAN SET: Perfect for home, office or lobby use. NO MORE BREAKING YOUR BACK!!!! With the long handle broom and dustpan it will make sweeping much more joyful than before. You'll want to show it off everywhere you use it with its beautiful Teal Color.
  • 2- STURDY LONG HANDLE BROOM: Made of heavy duty and high quality materials. Say goodbye to that handle falling off or your broom stick bending in half and say hello to your new high quality broom.
  • 3- FLIP, CLIP AND STORE AWAY: Easy to store away anywhere, simply flip your dustpan upwards, clip your broom on to the built in broom clip on your dustpan and store away in any small space or easily hang it up in your closet so your home or work space looks nice and organized.
  • 4- EASY TO USE DUSTPAN: Flush mount rubber strip makes it easy and fast to pick up anything and everything. Having trouble removing hair or dirt off your broom? Not anymore! With the built in dustpan bristle cleaner you'll be able to remove any hairs or dirt easily off your broom.
  • 5- PACKAGE INCLUDE: 1 x Self Cleaning Broom 1 x Dustpan Teeth dustpan 1x Instructions.