Blue Pigeon Broom Dustpan Set Stand, Long Handle Broom Dustpan Combo Extension Pole and Premium Spray Floor Mop Reusable Microfiber Pads 360 Degree Handle Magic Mop for Home, Kitchen and Office

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Product Features:

Front Facing teeth to clean broom into dustpan With One Move,Easy to remove Pet hair and Human Hair.

Increase Dustpan lid design, more beautiful, reduce dust and odor emission.

Broom clips to the dust pan handle. You can hang it or stand it up for easy storage.Save Space.

With the Water Spray Mop, you need to wait for a long time before the floor dries up, a slightly-wet slightly damp and quick moist.

Eliminates Dirt Layer, Water Absorption Layer, Adhesive Bonding Layer,

Perfect mop to eliminates even the most stubborn dirt, oil stain, pigment in hard-to-reach corners of your home easily and quickly.

ABS Handle with Good Grip Feeling, Steel Hand Wearable Tough and Durable, Easy to load the water tank.


Max Speed:Water spray mop

Gyro:360 degree rotating

Color: White

Shell Material: ABS

Water Bottle- 400ML

Mop head Material: Microfiber

The Rod Material: Steel

Rotation Angle: 360 Degree

Max Length: 120cm

Weight: 850g

Size: 40*14*125cm

Color: Color As Per Availability

Package Includes:

1 x Water Spray Mop

  • ★HUMANIZED DESIGN ON DUSTPAN - Dustpan locks in open position for easy emptying and features teeth to comb out dirt and dust from broom bristles,The rubber lip of the pan is flush with the floor and the teeth clean out the bristles easily.
  • ★SOFT AND HEAVY DUTY BROOM BRISTLES - Dustpan Comes with high quality broom with bristle construction that will not absorb water, Longer life, environmentally friendly fiber made from recycled PET bottles.
  • ★Convenient Water Bottle-The spray mop has a 400ml bottle which can clean 100 square area without heavy bucket.This new design can save you water and energy.
  • ★Durable Mop Rob-Stainless steel mop rod is not easily broken and worn.It’s not easily rusted also.The handle of the spray mop can be hung.
  • ★Package Include- 1 x Spray Mop/ 1 x Broom And Dustpan Set