Broom and Dustpan Set | Long 54" Handle Upright Dustpan with Clean Broom Combo

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Broom and Dustpan Set- Rotatable Self Cleaning Broom and Dust Pan with Long Handle, Standing Upright Grips Sweep Set with Lobby Broom Combo Set


Material:Top grade PP plastic Pad

Size:15 x 5 inches Total Height: 54 inches


Package include: 1 x Self Cleaning Broom 1 x Dustpan Teeth dustpan 1x Instructions

weep Large Areas The versatile Set has a full-size broom and extra-large dustpan, perfect for any sweeping task. When it's fully extended, the broom and dustpan are great for sweeping large areas, and then the broom retracts with a quick twist to easily sweep dirt piles into the dustpan. The broom has flagged bristles resulting in a larger surface area and a soft, feathered texture that effectively grabs dust and dirt. The dustpan features teeth to comb out dirt and a flexible lip that conforms to surfaces so dust is not swept underneath it. Compact Storage The dustpan locks open for easy emptying. The lightweight, aluminum pole with non-slip grips is easy to maneuver, and the broom snaps into the closed dustpan for upright, compact storage.

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