Broom and Dustpan Set, Upright-Stand Dustpan with Lengthened Handle and Brush Set for Indoor Hardwood & Tiles and Outdoor Hard Floor

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This upright-stand dustpan and broom set is made of quality fresh plastic and soft PET hair,
durable for use, suitable for indoor wooden, tile, and outdoor hard floor.
The upright-stand design makes it's convenient for storage without taking up much space,
and the handles of broom and dustpan are lengthened,
totally contains 6 handle sticks.

Material: Plastic, PET, Stainless Steel(handle)
Color: Beige
Broom Head Dimensions: 25 * 4 * 9.5cm
Dustpan Head Dimensions: 26 * 26cm
Broom Total Length: 127cm
Dustpan Total Length: 121cm

Package Including:
1 * Broom and Dustpan Set

  • Quality new plastic material: Mainly made of plastic and PET besides of the handle part, which is stainless steel, durable for using, rustless, lightweight and convenient to use for household cleaning.
  • Space saving: The dustpan is upright-stand designed, and broom can be put into it, it will just take a little corner for storing, saving much space for your utility room.
  • Well-made: Bottom surface of the dustpan is flattenning, and connected with a thin rubber lip on edge, which allows completely sweeping and picking up even smallest trash and dust.
  • Lengthened handle: Total handle lengths of dustpan and broom are 127 cm and 121 cm, which are longer than common, this set contains 6 handle sticks, 2 more than usual.
  • Come with broom comb designed: There is a comb attached on dustpan designed for broom hair, the comb teeth help broom head getting rid of small trash, such as human hair, pet hair, tiny wastepaper, keep the broom hair clean.