96 LED Solar Powered Flicker Flame Lantern Outdoor Decor Low Maintenance Lamp

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This Gardening Lamp The 90127 LED Solar Flame Lamp does not have wires, functioning only on the basis of the solar panel load on the lamp hood, and after the daylight is installed, the lantern will automatically turn off the lights and enter the load mode. Flame Light 90127 Flame Light LED is the ideal accessory for yards, alleys and gardens, fences, courtyards, etc. The Flame Light 90127 Flame Light LED Flame Light has a solar panel on the top of the lamp that powers a 2200 mAh battery and a light sensor that lights up automatically when the evening is left. The lamp runs for 10 hours if it has been fully charged. The load time of the lamp is 6-8 hours, depending on where it is located and the power of the daylight rays. For optimal operation it is recommended to keep the solar panel clean. Specifications Flame Light Flame Light 90127: - equipped with solar panel - 2200 mAh Inbuilt Battery - load time: 6-8 hours - Operating time: 10 hours - Water resistance IP65 - Light sensor (lights up in the evening and switches off in the morning) - Color: black

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