Handled Dustpan Lobby Broom Commercial Sweep Combo Set Upright Grips (Black)

  • £10.99
Tax included.

  • The length suit for people in different heights to use. Also can be shorten for children to use by themselves
  • Quick and easy assembly and disassembly. Designed for use on both hard or soft floor surfaces
  • Designed to standup to the demands of commercial use but compact enough for household use
  • Large-capacity dustpan perfect for sweeping large areas
  • The dustpan base with an active wheel, easy to move


EFFICIENT - No more needing to bend down on your hands and knees for cleaning up. The handles on both the pan and brush remove the need for bending which over time can lead to backache. DURABLE - A strong solid design followed up by precision production has lead to a good quality handled dustpan set. SAVE TIME - No need to run for the vacuum cleaner each time you need to clean up. Quickly and easily sweep mess up into the pan. Ideal for use around the home NO MORE SPILLS - Self-closing lid keeps the mess in the pan and the rubber strip on the edge of the pan helps make great contact with the floor and the soft to medium bristle offers a clean sweep!

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