100 Led Light Therapy Photon Mask, Acne Treatment 3 Color Home Use Skin Rejuvenation

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The LED Face mask uses high grade silicone for safe & comfortable use & is flexible for any face shape. 100 lights to emit wavelengths. Red - Stimulates the growth of collagen to repair & restore damaged/old tissues tightening skin, reducing wrinkles & removing fine lines. Blue light (450nm)diminishes inflammation and eliminates acne bacillus. Red light (630nm)soothes inflammation and enhances cell vitality. Orange light(610) improve the alternating function of oxygen in skin cells. Blue ,red and orange lights work together to make faster effect

The LED mask emits light at specific wavelengths and frequencies that can penetrate the skin, depending on the light color selected. Each light color targets specific cells and has its own results helping to improve most skin concerns.


Key Features -
  1. Highly Effective - Up to 100 light beads provide a high density photo rejuvenation of large area.
  2. Versatile - Comes with 3 kinds of lights and 4 modes to help solve various skin problems
  3. Safe - As a non-invasive skin care method , it is chemical free painless and totally safe.
  4. User-friendly - One-step therapy and built-in timer makes the device convenient to use and provide one step Whole face treatment.
  5. Design for comfort - Flexible Silicone frame ensures snug fit and never allows light leak-in.

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